Remodeling and yourHVAC

Remodeling can be exciting but its important not to forget about your HVAC system. Not only may you find yourself having to move your unit, but also dust and dirt can cause harm to your system as well. Before you start your remodel, here are some easy tips that can keep your HVAC system safe

Contact Your HVAC Contractor: When remodeling you should contact your HVAC contractor in order to received important guidelines and specifics involving your system to keep it running during your project.

Dust and Air Conditioning Dont Mix: Your HVAC system pulls air from your home to heat and cool when necessary. When remodeling, if you leave your system running its likely that dust will fly and get sucked into your unit. Not only does this cause the filter to clog but it makes your unit work much harder. If you leave your unit off youll save yourself a trip from the duct cleaner and some extra cash!

Close Those Vents: Another way to keep dust from collecting is to remember to close the air registers in your work area. Floor vents are more likely to collect more dust, even when not in use. Its wise to close or block off vents for extra protection.

Watch Your Filter: Even if you take the extra precautions, some dust is still bound to collect in and around your HVAC system. Make sure you check your air filter regularly and change it when needed.

If youre ready for a remodel, contact Poormans Heating and Air Conditioning before venturing into your project. Our servicemen take great pride in protecting your furnace and air conditioning unit to help prevent problems in the future. Good luck on your remodel and enjoy!