Energy Saving Solutions While OnVacation

If youre headed to the lake over the 4th of July weekend, dont forget about properly shutting your house down before you leave. Did you know that making the extra effort to prepare your home before you leave can save you on energy bill?

Heres how:

Light Timers: Install or plug in light timers for your indoor/outdoor lights to prevent energy waste. A light timer will also help it appear as though there are residents still present in the household while youre away.

Refrigerator: Did you know that the fridge is one of the biggest energy users in your home? If youre leaving for a long weekend, try adjusting the thermostat. Turn up both the fridge and freezer to 38 degrees and 5 degrees to help conserve energy.

Electronics: Having your typical electronics plugged in constantly can be a large waste of energy, even when not in use. Unplug all electronics before leaving to help save.

Air Conditioners: Air conditioning on a warm day is almost necessary, but its definitely unnecessary to cool your home while youre away. Turning up your thermostat or putting it on vacation mode can help immensely when trying to save on your energy bill.

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