One way to escape the heat of summer is to utilize your home’s air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, some things homeowners do can undercut your AC’s safety and efficiency and cause your energy bill to spike. Trusted heating and cooling company Poorman’s Heating & Air lists some of the most common mistakes you should be aware of below.

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Not Having Your System Serviced 


Regular maintenance of your air conditioning equipment matters just as much as the quality of the product. Air conditioner filters are prone to collecting dust and dirt, so they should be cleaned or changed at least once every three months. If it isn’t, a dirty filter can cause poor airflow and trigger allergic reactions in occupants. The unit’s evaporator coils and fins should also be thoroughly checked and cleaned to keep your system running smoothly.. 


Buying the Wrong AC Unit


Some homeowners may think that the larger the unit is, the better it will perform. This is simply not the case,  however. Purchasing a unit with the wrong measurements can pose several problems. For example, an oversized unit might cycle on and off too quickly, making it ineffective at keeping humidity at controlled levels and maintaining uniform temperatures. An experienced AC company will consider the size, insulation and occupancy of the room before installing a unit.

 Setting the Thermostat Too Low


Setting the temperature at a lower level than needed will quickly cause your utility bills to spike. The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the less you’ll spend. One thing you can do is purchase a programmable thermostat that can automatically raise the temperature when you’re away from home.


Not Running the AC Unit 


If you leave the air conditioning unit shut off for long periods of time, don’t expect it to work as efficiently as when you were using it regularly. An idle unit can attract mold and other moisture-related issues. Try to run the air conditioner for a few minutes ever yday to protect the quality of indoor air and avoid making a call for an  AC repair.